Mike Ross From “Suits” gets a Watch Matchmaker Makeover

I suggested a watch makeover for Mr. Manners K. Cooper Ray, an IWC Portofino 8 Days, which he thought fit him to a T. Now it’s time for me to address a watch issue on the TV series “Suits”. In the show on AMC, attorney Harvey Specter is the best closer in the business. Attractive, knowledgeable and a creative problem solver, he’s got a sharp mind as well as smooth social moves—and he hates to lose. On his team is young protégé Mike, who he’s grooming to move up the ranks. The fact that Mike, an exceptional talent, doesn’t actually have a law degree is another story. Harvey realizes Mike has got the chops, but he has a long way to go. Particularly in watch department.

Harvey got Mike fitted in a tailored suit and Italian shoes but he forgot the watch. Mike’s got to ditch that plastic number that he probably bought at the drugstore. It’s tacky. Especially for an associate at the prestigious firm Pearson Hardman. You don’t want to scare off a client with an off-the-rack polyester leisure suit and garage sale shoes. The wrong watch has the same effect. It doesn’t exude confidence and sophistication. And without a decent watch, Mike’s look just isn’t complete.

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K. Cooper Ray Gets a Watch Matchmaker Makeover

A new feature we will be undertaking on www.thewatchmatchmaker.com is the Watch Matchmaker Series, where Meehna selects a celebrity and connects the dots to find the right timepiece for the star. This series will be written by Meehna and her contributors over at Longitude – Christies Watch Blog.

In the first in the Watch Matchmaker Series we will be focusing on K.Cooper Ray of , Enjoy…

Cooper Ray Watch matchmakerK. Cooper Ray is first and foremost a gentleman. In a world of lions he is the lion tamer carrying his whip through example and his excellent site Social Primer. Though a mainstay on the New York and Los Angeles social scene, he never allows the spotlight to go to his head, as this would count as bad behavior.

As K. Cooper demonstrates, manners aren’t just in the way one acts but also how one dresses. Showing up to any function but a house cleaning party in a torn shirt and flip flops is verboten. After all, a well-turned out man (not classy, as K. Cooper abhors this word) stands himself in good stead and is ready to handle any situation. So what’s a man to do if he’s lost in the forest of clothing choices? Well, K. Cooper will lead him out with advice and even offer up some clothing. He has a reversible bow tie collection at Brooks Brothers. Yes, bow ties are cool. K. Cooper brings a new and modern pizazz to the neck gear with his contrasting patterns and colors.

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Longitude, Christie’s Watch Blog, Has Launched!

With great excitement and enthusiasm, I’d like to introduce you to the new watch blog I’m doing with Christie’s called Longitude. We’ve got lots of great material in store, including new features and series. Of course, we’ll continue to bring you the most exciting watches, news and happenings in the industry. Thank you for your support of WatchMatchmaker. I’ve enjoyed our time and interaction here together. I invite you to come visit me at Longitude and look forward to seeing you there.

Big Boys, Big Toy’s – Guy Ellia Jumbo Chrono

 Say “ Big Watch” and most people instantly think about Panerai or IWC’s Big Pilot. Perhaps with a few their thoughts will go to their favorite Breitling or Omega on steroids. This can hardly be helped since these are the brands that are very much in the public eye. When a name like “Guy Ellia” drops into a conversation most people don’t even know how to hide the fact that they have never heard of this brand, let alone seen one of its watches. But, believe me, they feel right at home in the “Big Boys, Big Toys” series. 

Part of the Guy Ellia Jumbo Chrono collection

Guy Ellia is a brand to know when you are into big watches, for the simple reason that they redefine the big watch! A great example of this is the  “Jumbo Chrono”. Don’t take the word Jumbo in its name lightly because even in the world of big watches, its diameter might be shocking. 50mm of prime real estate is what this watch offers your wrist. Unwearable will probably be your first reaction, but this Guy Ellia is not like any other big watch. With most large watches, the big equals the bulky, but Guy Ellia follows a different path. The whole concept of the watch is focused on offering you as much watch as possible without compromising on the wearing comfort. This is done by keeping the watch relatively thin, with a height of only 11.5mm. This is about just as high as the regular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, and almost 3mm thinner then the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph!  Continue reading

Rousseau Exhibit at the Patek Philippe Museum

Perhaps one of the greatest thinkers of the 18th century was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a native of Geneva. He fought for Democracy and freedom as well as personal responsibility and education. His politics and writings impacted the French Revolution and set the path for modern political thought. Ironically, he spent his life with an illiterate servant and supposedly fathered five children with her but didn’t take responsibility for any of them. Despite his personal failings, Rousseau inspired many and stands as one of the greatest influencers of the 18th century.

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Rousseau’s birth, the city of Geneva has arranged a celebration called “2012 Rousseau pour Tous” (Rousseau for All).

Rousseau himself was not a watchmaker but he comes from a watchmaking family spanning four generations. Continue reading

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