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Boardwalk Empire Nucky Thompson

Watch Matchmaker Series – Boardwalk Empire’s “Nucky” Thompson

Boardwalk Empire’s “Nucky” Thompson gets a new watch! – Watch Matchmaker Series

As part of the Watch Matchmaker Series we have extracted the following article from Meehna’s new home Longitude – Christies Watch Blog, following on from previous on screen characters and their lack of a quality timepiece, Martin Green has picked on Nucky Thompson from the award winning Broadwalk Empire..

These articles are great reading and enlighten us to the thoughts of the writer and celebrity or on-screen persona of the highlighted star. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and look forward to Meehna and her team over at Longitude providing us with many more great reads. Here is a snippette of Martin’s thoughts on a timepiece fit for Nucky of Broadwalk Empire….

Boardwalk Empire Nucky ThompsonBy Martin Green for Longitude – Christies Watch Blog

Watch auctions are basically a way of connecting top of the line watches with collectors and connoisseurs who appreciate them. A watch needs to suit you, especially when you are an actor playing a particular role. That’s why in the past we have matched “Suit’s” Mike Ross and gentleman K. Cooper Ray with a watch suited for them.

Now it is time to do this once again; this time for Steve Buscemi and his alter-ego Nucky Thompson. Steve Buscemi is not your typical actor. No broad shoulders, large muscles or a smile that seems to come straight out of a toothpaste commercial. No, Buscemi is more your everyday guy, with an extraordinary talent for character acting.

To see what Martin suggests Nucky wears on his wrist… Trust me it’s definately worth a read the full article can be found at Longitude – Christies Watch Blog http://blogs.christies.com/longitude/brands/watch-matchmaker-boardwalk-empires-nucky-thompson-gets-a-new-watch/

In Martin’s own words “I’m convinced that his taste for the finer things in life would definitely make him recognize and appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Vacheron. A character actor needs a character watch! I call that a double match!”


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To Wind or not to Wind – Ask the Queen???

To Wind or not to Wind Your Timepiece, that is the Question: Queen Elizabeth Says Wind

Since the Queen of England winds her clocks and watches, does that mean you should too? The Queen has a position amongst her staff of that of a Horological Conservator and one of the duties is to keep the watches, clocks and other mechanisms wound and working.


Now that is definately an important question and one that a number or watch collectors ask.

We all agree that the care and upkeep of your personal timepieces is an important factor to keep them running well and on time, but does keeping watches ticking preserve them for longer and keep them more effective or is it better to let them wind down?

The Queen has a position amongst her staff of that of a Horological Conservator and one of the duties is to keep the watches, clocks and other mechanisms wound and working.

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K. Cooper Ray Gets a Watch Matchmaker Makeover

A new feature we will be undertaking on www.thewatchmatchmaker.com is the Watch Matchmaker Series, where Meehna selects a celebrity and connects the dots to find the right timepiece for the star. This series will be written by Meehna and her contributors over at Longitude – Christies Watch Blog.

In the first in the Watch Matchmaker Series we will be focusing on K.Cooper Ray of , Enjoy…

Cooper Ray Watch matchmakerK. Cooper Ray is first and foremost a gentleman. In a world of lions he is the lion tamer carrying his whip through example and his excellent site Social Primer. Though a mainstay on the New York and Los Angeles social scene, he never allows the spotlight to go to his head, as this would count as bad behavior.

As K. Cooper demonstrates, manners aren’t just in the way one acts but also how one dresses. Showing up to any function but a house cleaning party in a torn shirt and flip flops is verboten. After all, a well-turned out man (not classy, as K. Cooper abhors this word) stands himself in good stead and is ready to handle any situation. So what’s a man to do if he’s lost in the forest of clothing choices? Well, K. Cooper will lead him out with advice and even offer up some clothing. He has a reversible bow tie collection at Brooks Brothers. Yes, bow ties are cool. K. Cooper brings a new and modern pizazz to the neck gear with his contrasting patterns and colors.

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