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Busser and Baumgartner create C3H5N3O9 Redefines the Watch World Yet Again…


The Wacky and Wonderful World of Busser and Baumgartner: C3H5N3O9 Redefines the Watch World Yet Again

Maximilian Busser is the type of guy who really doesn’t care what people think about him. That’s a huge statement to make. Most of us attempt to do an elaborate tango in the social and work arena because we’re trying to gain friends and good will. Busser just won’t do the dance. And this is a good thing, especially in the often times-constrained world of watches. If Busser were to tippy-toe around, we wouldn’t have the quirky and playful creations from his company MB&F like the HM3 JWLRYMACHINE and the Legacy Machine 1.

Fashionable Watches That are Serious Timepieces

Previously, I discussed the difference between fashion watches and serious watches. You can reference the post here. So, now that we’ve got some distinguishing factors, let’s take a look at some watches that are serious but also happen to be quite fashionable.

A discussion of fashionable watches wouldn’t be complete without Rolex. Even if you don’t know much about watches, you know the name of the Biel/Bienne-located manufacturer. The five-pointed crown symbol is known round the world and marks many people’s first entry into the luxury watch world.

With a Rolex wrapped round your wrist, you are instantly Continue reading

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