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I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had working with you, Meehna! I learned so much about watches and had a great time in the process. You really helped me sort through all the possibilities and even opened my eyes to new ones. What was cool was how you captured my personality and the image I wanted to project. Thanks so much for finding me my perfect watch match!

J. Brooks
Entertainment Professional, Hollywood California


Earlier this fall I was enjoying my horologic collection, built over 15 years, but desired something new. Having the need and desire for another piece, I visited my local authorized dealers (AD’s). After hours perusing many nice timepieces, none compelled me to make an offer. I retreated to the cyber world of horologic blogs, which can be kind of dry and bland, especially after reviewing technical watch specifications repeatedly. Finally I came across Meehna’s musings in a men’s style site.

Her writing was a pleasant departure, specifically it was poignant yet informative. Most importantly her writing was witty, fun, and recognized the timepieces as an art form. I researched more of her writings, and was hooked.

Through the power of social media, I was able to contact her. My basis of contact being, “why not make this next time piece purchase a fun experience!” Meehna, of course, did not fail in this regard. We got down to business only after she got to know me and my tastes. There was never any pressure to buy, like there can be at some AD’s. Once we narrowed my search to a nice German perpetual calendar, she was able to source from one her multiple AD connections. Before I knew it, the piece was on my wrist. This all being done while we live in differing time zones.

Meehna not only found me a wonderful piece, she also aided in obtaining it at a great price from an authorized dealer!! Regardless, the best part of the whole experience was getting to know Meehna, who I now consider a friend! She has been and will continue to be an excellent friend to take along for future purchases . It’s been like having a family member looking out for you prior to making a big time investment. (pun intended)

Thanks Meehna G.!
Dr. SE from the Midwest

“So many thanks Meehna – you were priceless in helping my find the perfect watch and securing it for less than I ever imagined!”
Mark S.
Senior Managing Director, President Operations

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