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Boardwalk Empire Nucky Thompson

Watch Matchmaker Series – Boardwalk Empire’s “Nucky” Thompson

Boardwalk Empire’s “Nucky” Thompson gets a new watch! – Watch Matchmaker Series

As part of the Watch Matchmaker Series we have extracted the following article from Meehna’s new home Longitude – Christies Watch Blog, following on from previous on screen characters and their lack of a quality timepiece, Martin Green has picked on Nucky Thompson from the award winning Broadwalk Empire..

These articles are great reading and enlighten us to the thoughts of the writer and celebrity or on-screen persona of the highlighted star. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and look forward to Meehna and her team over at Longitude providing us with many more great reads. Here is a snippette of Martin’s thoughts on a timepiece fit for Nucky of Broadwalk Empire….

Boardwalk Empire Nucky ThompsonBy Martin Green for Longitude – Christies Watch Blog

Watch auctions are basically a way of connecting top of the line watches with collectors and connoisseurs who appreciate them. A watch needs to suit you, especially when you are an actor playing a particular role. That’s why in the past we have matched “Suit’s” Mike Ross and gentleman K. Cooper Ray with a watch suited for them.

Now it is time to do this once again; this time for Steve Buscemi and his alter-ego Nucky Thompson. Steve Buscemi is not your typical actor. No broad shoulders, large muscles or a smile that seems to come straight out of a toothpaste commercial. No, Buscemi is more your everyday guy, with an extraordinary talent for character acting.

To see what Martin suggests Nucky wears on his wrist… Trust me it’s definately worth a read the full article can be found at Longitude – Christies Watch Blog

In Martin’s own words “I’m convinced that his taste for the finer things in life would definitely make him recognize and appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Vacheron. A character actor needs a character watch! I call that a double match!”


Continue reading

Big Boys, Big Toy’s – Guy Ellia Jumbo Chrono

 Say “ Big Watch” and most people instantly think about Panerai or IWC’s Big Pilot. Perhaps with a few their thoughts will go to their favorite Breitling or Omega on steroids. This can hardly be helped since these are the brands that are very much in the public eye. When a name like “Guy Ellia” drops into a conversation most people don’t even know how to hide the fact that they have never heard of this brand, let alone seen one of its watches. But, believe me, they feel right at home in the “Big Boys, Big Toys” series. 

Part of the Guy Ellia Jumbo Chrono collection

Guy Ellia is a brand to know when you are into big watches, for the simple reason that they redefine the big watch! A great example of this is the  “Jumbo Chrono”. Don’t take the word Jumbo in its name lightly because even in the world of big watches, its diameter might be shocking. 50mm of prime real estate is what this watch offers your wrist. Unwearable will probably be your first reaction, but this Guy Ellia is not like any other big watch. With most large watches, the big equals the bulky, but Guy Ellia follows a different path. The whole concept of the watch is focused on offering you as much watch as possible without compromising on the wearing comfort. This is done by keeping the watch relatively thin, with a height of only 11.5mm. This is about just as high as the regular Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph, and almost 3mm thinner then the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph!  Continue reading

A matter of taste; a unique Rolex Day-Date

If you have ever read the amazing stories of the “One thousand and one nights”, you are probably also familiar with Ali Baba and how he found a hidden treasure cave. Well, when you lay eyes on this unique Rolex Day-Date you will most certainly get an idea how he must felt after he spoke the magical words; “iftah ya simsim” or “Open Sesame” in plain English.

 Although until recently Rolex has always been pretty conservative when it came down their collections. Cases, bracelets and movements slowly evolved rather than changed. However, Rolex always been quite generous with different dial, bezel and bracelet options. Sometimes even special requests from distinguished collectors were granted, although these were almost exclusively gemstone set models.

 Sometimes you didn’t even need to ask Rolex, they simply made some extraordinary gem set watches of their own. Such was the case with this exceptional Day-Date that Rolex created in very limited quantities in the early 1980’s. Exceptional in this matter is not only the abundance of rubies and diamonds, but also the extreme attention to detail that Rolex practiced while making this model. Take for example the golden day and date indications on the burgundy colored background that match the overall look of the watch. Or the Rolex crown and name applied in gold on the inside of the crystal so that the diamond pavé set dial doesn’t have to be interrupted?

 But there is a problem with this Rolex. Not a huge problem, but still something that might have some people pass on this exceptional watch. The problem with this Rolex in the 21st century  is that it cannot decide whether it is a men’s or a ladies’ watch. It was definitely born as a men’s watch. Manufactured in 1982 it was simply out of the question, and most certainly out (or not yet in) style for women to wear such a large watch. But time and tastes have changed, causing this Rolex to have an identity crisis. Continue reading

No Limits! Audemars Piguet Star Wheel

With all the dazzling watches the independents throw at us, one would almost forget how creative the old maison’s are! And what better example is there then the Audemars Piguet Star Wheel? It was in 1989 that this watch was first introduced. Back then still in a classical round case, with the time indication on the top. This proved to be the founding father of a collection which would later include the John Schaeffer Star Wheel (with minute repeater) and perhaps the most famous of them all; the Millenary Star Wheel.

The Audemars Piguet Millenary Star Wheel 125th Anniversary Limited Edition

We were fortunate enough to get an up-close-and-personal with a watch we can only refer to as the star of the Millenary Star Wheel collection: a pink gold 125 anniversary model. Continue reading

Vintage ROCKS!

Indeed, vintage watches rock! There is no doubt about it. Whether you go for a Rolex pre-Daytona ref. 6248, Universal Geneve Polerouter or perhaps one of the many Omega Seamaster’s, a vintage watch has a charm of its own. This is perhaps even enhanced when this watch is not only from yesteryear but also fitted with diamonds, because what really rocks are vintage rocks! Here we have a couple of vintage watches, set with diamonds. Some are more vintage than others but all will you put proudly on your wrist.

Piaget’s connection to the Royal game of Polo can rival that of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Of course there is the famous Polo, but what to think about this 1995 Legende Lipizzan in special polo-edition? This watch was created in reference to the Lipizzan stallions, which most people know from the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. Even when you have nothing with horses, a Lipizzan stallion is bound to impress you. That can also be said from this watch. Straight, geometric lines combined with two different type of “lugs” create a unique look, that is even reinforced by the use of both yellow and white gold. The dial features two blue polo sticks, and the same amount of brilliant cut diamonds to represent the ball. A very tasteful detail. Under the hood is Piaget’s famed ultra slim caliber 9P2, a manual wind marvel. But then again, that is Piaget’s trademark, from the early 60’s down to more recent record breaking tourbillon’s! Continue reading

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