Mike Ross From “Suits” gets a Watch Matchmaker Makeover

I suggested a watch makeover for Mr. Manners K. Cooper Ray, an IWC Portofino 8 Days, which he thought fit him to a T. Now it’s time for me to address a watch issue on the TV series “Suits”. In the show on AMC, attorney Harvey Specter is the best closer in the business. Attractive, knowledgeable and a creative problem solver, he’s got a sharp mind as well as smooth social moves—and he hates to lose. On his team is young protégé Mike, who he’s grooming to move up the ranks. The fact that Mike, an exceptional talent, doesn’t actually have a law degree is another story. Harvey realizes Mike has got the chops, but he has a long way to go. Particularly in watch department.

Harvey got Mike fitted in a tailored suit and Italian shoes but he forgot the watch. Mike’s got to ditch that plastic number that he probably bought at the drugstore. It’s tacky. Especially for an associate at the prestigious firm Pearson Hardman. You don’t want to scare off a client with an off-the-rack polyester leisure suit and garage sale shoes. The wrong watch has the same effect. It doesn’t exude confidence and sophistication. And without a decent watch, Mike’s look just isn’t complete.

To see what is in store for Mike as an associate, he’s making a pretty good salary and it’s important he invest in a good watch for his career. But, Harvey being Harvey would probably throw in $5k for the purchase. After all, when Mike looks good, so does Harvey. What do you think Meehna suggests as a perfect match see it on Longitude – Meehnas home for watch articles here

The Full and original article can be found at http://blogs.christies.com/longitude/brands/jaeger-lecoultre/watch-matchmaker-mike-ross-from-suits-should-wear-a-jaeger-lecoultre-memovox/

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